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Leather Master Leather Care Kit for A and P Leather 250ml
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Leather Master Leather Care Kit for A and P Leather 250ml w Ink Lifter
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Leather Master Nubuck Eco-Protector 500ml
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The main company of the group with the Research Centre, registered offices, administrative offices, sales offices and production plant.

Leather Master was established in 1991 by Gordian Tork, who is now Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Over the years the Leather Master Research Centre has developed a complete range of products for a variety of applications, and company management has been quick to seize on important opportunities to establish trading relations with companies all over the world.

In this way Leather Master has built and consolidated an extensive network of commercial partnerships and has established a well-organised network of representatives and subsidiaries covering major export markets worldwide.

Leather Master is now one of the world’s top names in the manufacture of care products for furnishing materials: the company’s staff combine scientific, technical and managerial skill, and investment in the latest, most advanced technology ensures maximum product quality and guarantees satisfaction of customer needs and market requests.

Leather Master policy is to develop innovative product solutions through across-the board project management encompassing scientific research, flexible production, and international sales and marketing strategies.